Terms and Conditions

Use of Newcastle Libraries Membership Card

Your membership to Newcastle Libraries and affiliated service points is subject to your adherence with our Membership Terms and Conditions and Libraries’ Conditions of Use.

Your Newcastle Libraries membership, member card and related accounts are non-transferable, and your membership can be revoked if you do not comply with the Conditions of Use and/or otherwise misuse your membership. In addition, any illegal transactions or activities conducted in our virtual or physical spaces may result in legal action.

Your privacy is important to us and your membership account and financial details will be kept confidential unless:

  • These details are needed to resolve any claim or dispute that you might have; or,
  • We are required to disclose these details by law or other City of Newcastle compliance requirement.


Payment for Library services – Fines, Fees, Printing, copying and scanning

Newcastle Libraries uses a software product called Monitor Business Solutions (Monitor) for a range of membership services including but not limited to public PC management, public printing/copying/scanning, payment of library service fees, merchandise plus room bookings.

Monitor manages Library payment transactions and a MyMonitor Account must be created using a Library membership card or a guest ticket to pay for fines, fees, printing, copying or scanning. Funds can be applied to a MyMonitor Account in branch or online.

These funds can be used to pay for fees, fines, printing, photocopying and Library goods and services using your Library card. The funds you deposit in your MyMonitor Account cannot be withdrawn, and your Library card cannot be used to obtain cash or cash advances from your MyMonitor account under any circumstances.

Funds added to your MyMonitor Account linked to your Library Membership will not expire whilst you remain an active Member of Newcastle Libraries. (Active member means you have borrowed items, downloaded an e-book/e-audio book, accessed a PC or printed/copied etc. within a three-year period). If you cancel your Library Membership or remain inactive over a three-year period funds cannot be refunded.

Funds added to a Guest ticket expire within 7 days and cannot be refunded if not expended within that period.

It is your responsibility to ensure all payment details in your MyMonitor Account are up to date and there are sufficient funds available to make any payments or purchases. If your MyMonitor Account balance goes below zero as a result of the Monitor system or one of its readers being off-line, you remain responsible for payment of any purchases you made during the period the system was offline.

A credit may be made to your account in instances when Library equipment fails to deliver the service at time of purchase for example MFD, PC or kiosk outage that has resulted in a charge to your account. Request for credit will need to be made to the Supervisor on Duty, or in writing and will be approved at the discretion of the Council. Approved credit requests may take between 2 – 10 business days for processing.

If you lose or have your library card stolen, you can suspend activity on your card AT ANY TIME via your MyMonitor Account. Please report any lost or stolen cards to Newcastle Libraries as soon as possible by email or phone for a replacement card/ number.

Please note that the Monitor system is only implemented across Newcastle Libraries and not in our affiliated branches through Port Stephens and Dungog. Any credit on your Library card or guest ticket is not valid outside of Newcastle Library branches.  

Consent to these Terms

Membership constitutes agreement to the terms of using the library facilities including the use of Monitor. In creating a MyMonitor Account, you consent to your nominated credit/debit card being charged by Monitor for nominated amounts when adding credit to your Library card.

If you have insufficient funds in your nominated credit/debit card or bank account and a payment to Monitor is dishonoured your financial institution may charge you a dishonour or other fee.  Newcastle Libraries and Monitor accept no liability in this regard.